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The Prefix is to form the first part of puppy's name bred by the above-named person.

Note:  This application is for registration with the ALAA only.  There is no guarantee that you can use the same prefix for registration with your local canine association.  If you want to reserve your prefix for use after recognition of the labradoodle, it is advised to register your Kennel prefix with your local canine association (without giving a breed of dog).

Maximum letters including spaces: 20, maximum words: 2

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Note:  The total name (prefix + name) of a puppy should not exceed 35 letters including spaces.

Identification of puppies

If tattooing, your tattoo must contain:
First letter of your prefix, or
First letter of each word, or
Numeral and then first letter of prefix, or
Numeral and then first letter of each word.

If chipping, enter the name of manufacturer and the name of the databank and country.

1st choice:

2nd choice:

3rd choice:

4th choice:

Based on first-come/first-served.  If it is already in use another combination must be chosen.

Registered in Databank:


The chip used should be of the FDB-X type, and comply with the ISO nrom 11784 (code structure) and ISO norm 11785 (technical concept)
NOTE:   All applicants registering as Breeders have 30 days from the date of this application in which to register all breeding stock. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of membership. No fees will be refunded.


Your application will be processed upon receipt of applicable fees. After processing you will receive a welcome e-mail with confirmation of your kennel prefix.  The ALAA reserves the right to refuse membership.