ALAA Member Breeders

Good Standing
In order to be listed, an ALAA Member Breeder must:
  • Submit all breeding dogs' pedigrees and minimum health testing for dogs in their program.
  • Provide and honor purchase agreements and health warranties for all puppies sold.
  • Register all litters produced in their program.
  • Adhere to the ALAA Code of Ethics in business practices.

The Member Breeders listed below (jump to the list) are current ALAA Breeders in good standing with the Association.

If you are looking to purchase a Labradoodle as a pet or as a breeding dog, be assured that this page contains the most up to date information about our Member Breeders. Our automated system updates the information on this page every 24 hours, so please check back often.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, there are breeders who display the ALAA Logos illegally and who are not, or have never been, members of the ALAA. The ALAA highly recommends that you research any breeder you are considering. As an organization we are trying our best to protect our current Member Breeders, the consumer, and the Labradoodle Breed.

How can I tell if a breeder is an ALAA Member Breeder in good standing? There are two ways:
  • This page. Only ALAA Member Breeders in good standing appear in the list below.
  • Logos. All ALAA Member Breeders in good standing are issued new logos annually, and should be displaying a valid ALAA logo with a current date. Beware breeders using outdated/expired logos, as they are not authorized to do so.
Correct ALAA Logo Incorrect ALAA Logos
Authorized Logo
look for correct breeder information, valid dates
Unauthorized Logos
No current ALAA Member Breeder should be displaying any of these logos.

The ALAA also rewards Member Breeders who go above and beyond the minimum hip and elbow health testing requirements by issuing a Silver or Gold Paw Emblem. Member Breeders must repeat and maintain this level of health testing for all breeding dogs in their program in order to qualify for the Silver or Gold Paw. The appropriate qualifying Paw is shown next to the Member Breeder kennel name below, and this is updated automatically every 24 hours.
If a breeder is displaying the ALAA Silver or Gold Paw Emblem on their website, and it does not match the Paw Level displayed here, they are NOT currently eligible for that Gold or Silver Paw.
Golden Paw Sample Logo Silver Paw Sample Logo

Many breeders will ship around the world or on their continent, please consult each Member Breeder for their individual policies.

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Tails of the West Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002006-0710  Todd & Susan Foland   Peoria
  Silver Paw

Crawford Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003594-0115  Roger V Crawford  Queen Creek

Twilight Acres Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-002662-0912  Jack & Faye Williams  Malvern

Hales Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000361-0605  Heather Hale  Bakersfield
  Silver Paw

Faithful Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001005-0107  Julie Long  Santa Clarita

Claremont Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001557-1108  Terri Abrolat  Claremont

Labradoodle Story Tails
ALAA Member # ALAA-001694-0609  Jessica Gardener  Galt
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Brasken Kennels
ALAA Member # ALAA-002133-0111  Kristen & Brandon Silva  Atascadero

Serenity Springs Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002254-0611  Jo Ubina-Smith  Orland
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Gail's Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002643-0812  Gail Ferrell  Templeton

Hidden Beach Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002699-1112  Merydith Fox  Aptos
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Loveable Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003021-0613  Becky Puckett  Atascadero

Poco Creek Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003072-0813  Keith and Reiko Herron  Riverside
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Aptos Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003104-0114  Laurie Carver  Aptos
  Silver PawGolden Paw

ALAA Member # ALAA-003304-0715  Zoe Shaw  Palmdale

Sweet Home Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003306-0614  Tiffany Henderson  Orcutt
  Silver Paw

Premiere Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003333-0614  Nicki Dana  Paso Robles
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Storybook Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003352-0514  Travis and Amy Koeppel  Petaluma

Moo Cow Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003600-0115  Candace Trino  Bakersfield
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Fristoe Family Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003637-0215  Karie Fristoe  Redding

Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles, California Branch
ALAA Member # ALAA-003702-0715  Charl Beauchat  Nuevo

Delta Breeze Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003778-1115  Karen and Mike Ramirez  Clarksburg

Happy Lane Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004153-0316  Jennifer Crosier  Sonoma
  Silver Paw

Brookside Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004167-0216  Bonnie & Tim Anoskey  Sacramento
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Cielo Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004196-0616  Karen naumu  Santa Barbara

Sky Canyon Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004280-0416  Amy Rutledge  Murrieta

GorgeousDoodles Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000763-0506  Melanie Ann Derwey  Granby
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Rocky Mountain Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000601-0106  Karen Elliott  Salida

Red Rock Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001796-1009  Jane Peck  Colorado Springs

Desert Winds Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002687-1112  Tracy A. Wynn  Pueblo West
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Agape Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-003316-0914  Linda J. Kelsey  Evergreen
  Silver PawGolden Paw

MileHigh Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003902-1015  Christine L Mansur  Littleton

Pines Edge Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004218-0516  Linda K Kondris  Black Forest

Colorado Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004297-0416  Jason Lewis  denver

Nutmeg Labradoodles LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-002545-0512  Carol Lindley  Andover

Woodbridge Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003615-0115  Sharon Flores  Woodbridge
  Silver Paw

My Best Doodle
ALAA Member # ALAA-003861-1015  Rose-Merry and Patricia Unan  Deep River
  Silver Paw

Blackbird Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003627-0115  Louanne Hammer  Townsend
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Memory Lake Labradoodle
ALAA Member # ALAA-000413-0805  Valerie See-Savastano  Cape Coral
  Silver Paw

Seaspray Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000647-0206  Peggy McElroy  Saint Pete Beach
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Sunrise Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002676-1012  Karen Kennedy  Anthony
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Labradoodle Lane
ALAA Member # ALAA-003260-0314  Polly Viera and Onelio Viera  Dade City
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Hidden Lake Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003324-0514  Sheryl Bales  Wellborn
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Atlanta Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000798-0606  Stephanie Martin  Snellville

Southern Charm Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000730-0406  Carol J. Dean  Loganville

Willow Oak Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001815-1209  Mandi Black  Eatonton

Rainbow Row Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-003028-0613  Shellie Collier  Leesburg
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Classic City Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003098-0913  Danny White  Athens

Lola's Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003666-0315  Stephenie McCue  Bonaire
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Ilio Lani Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002281-0312  Debi Cary  Kailua Kona
  Silver Paw

Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004366-0616  Tori Sprague  Lewiston
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Rosewood Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000445-0805  Janice L Rice  Rockford

Bull Valley Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001832-1209  Linda J. Pruden  Woodstock

Fox River Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003693-0315  Dan Davis DBA Fox River Labradoodles  Sleepy Hollow

ArchView Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-004169-0316  Darah Gestes  Glen Carbon

ArborGate Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001295-1107  Gina and David Anderson  Lafayette

Ashford Manor Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002084-1210  Cheryl Sabens  West Lafayette
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Harvest Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003583-0115  Scott and Tracy Murphy  Madison
  Silver Paw

Chestnut Hill Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003906-0915  Rob and Lindsay Buerger  Dillsboro
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Heartland Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000595-0106  Janette Birney  Solon
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Walnut Lane Farms
ALAA Member # ALAA-001624-0209  Deborah Graham  Marion

Cedar Bend Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003818-0915  Andrew Chardoulias  Cedar Rapids

Sandquist Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004648-0916  Michael Sandquist  Adel
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Cottonwood Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001977-0610  Mary "Molly" Simmering  Hesston
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Happy Time Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004451-0716  Sean and Jennifer Tibbetts  Richmond
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Acadian Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-001132-0707  Maxine Hanks  Lafayette

Southern Cross Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002252-0611  Becky Roth  Covington

Singing Tree Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-001680-0509  Lani A. Beaudet  China

Waltzing Matilda's Labradoodles LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-001647-0309  Michelle Walker-Thomas  Hanover
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Blue Opal Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002821-0113  Joanne Pelikan-Cohen and Steven Cohen  White Hall
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Autumn Lane Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003764-0615  Teresa Gillis  Taneytown
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Cornerstone Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004352-0616  Sonali Monolakis  Marriottsville
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Australian Labradoodles of Plymouth MA
ALAA Member # ALAA-003761-1115  Alan D. Williamson SR.  Plymouth

Forest Hill Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004275-0616  Bradley Crate  Manchester
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Wonderland Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001215-0907  Kay Kutinsky  West Bloomfield
  Silver PawGolden Paw

S and G Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003999-0116  Andrea Kuck  Chelsea

Barksdale Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000365-0605  Allen Gordy  Magee

Coulter's St. Louis Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002689-1112  Becky Coulter  High Ridge

Pine Winds Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002784-0113  Debbie Nelsen  Lathrop
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Doodle Around
ALAA Member # ALAA-003023-0713  Carolyn DeBar  Laurel
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Montana Sky Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003712-0415  Sheila McNeese  Rollins
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Living Streams Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003929-1215  Jodi Rio  Stevensville

New Hampshire
Nestlewood Labradoodles,LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-002547-0412  MaryPat Thate  Bedford

Autumn Haze Labradoodle's
ALAA Member # ALAA-003940-1115  Marianne A. Hannagan  Newmarket
  Silver Paw

New Jersey
Cream Puff Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002344-0911  Don Robinson  Asbury Park

New Mexico
Desert Waves Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001377-0208  Becky Meddleton  Corrales
  Silver PawGolden Paw

New York
Lewis Manor Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002171-0411  Katherine Lewis  Williamstown

North Carolina
Australian Labradoodles, USA
ALAA Member # ALAA-002269-0611  H. A. Charlton  Raleigh

DownUnder Labradoodles, USA
ALAA Member # ALAA-000025-0504  Butch Charlton  Raleigh

Aus'm Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001067-0407  Jennifer Corregan  Sanford
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Hope Farm Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001444-0608  Steve & Debby Meredith  Wake Forest

  Silver PawGolden Paw

Tarheel Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001952-0510  Evan Flury  Statesville

Lake Lure Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003141-1013  Joyce & Ralph Berger  Rutherfordton
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Salem Manor Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002813-1214  Carolyn Albright  Winston-Salem
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Carolina Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-004472-1016  Allison Purser  Monroe

Living the Dream Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004814-0117    Asheville

Melorich Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000358-0605  Richard Martel  Beachwood

Riverbend Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002131-0111  Chad and Kristi Coopshaw  Fayette
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Ohio Valley Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003607-0615  Kristina Couser  Saint Paris

Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles, Southern Branch
ALAA Member # ALAA-003801-0715  Jena Braun  Anadarko

Liberty Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000612-0106  Victoria Fairbanks  Amity

Spring Creek Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000927-1106  Rochelle Woods  Pleasant Hill
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Springville Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000468-0905  R & D Springer Investments, LLC  Silverton

Pine Lodge Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001050-0307  Heidi & Roy Alcorn  Estacada

ALAA Member # ALAA-001091-0507  Sandra Brannock  Gaston

Daisy Hill Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001131-0707  Christina Westover  Klamath Falls

Fern Ridge Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001819-1109  Debbie Young  Junction City
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Bedrock Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001840-1209  Maggie Palmblad  Tualatin
  Silver Paw

Ocean View Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001856-0110  Jennifer and Sheri Legat  Brookings

Signature Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001896-0310  Dale & Amy Lindgren  Eugene
  Silver Paw

Trail's End Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002139-0111  Rich & Tawny Rogers  Sandy
  Silver Paw

Cherry Lane Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002168-0311  Kathy Waggener  Medford
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Valley Vineyard Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002667-0313  Mary Heisler  Sherwood

NorthStar Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002765-0113  Julie J. Williams-Jenkins  Springfield
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Shiloh Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002988-0613  Nancy Richardson  Tillamook

Starlight Ridge Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003269-0314  Kami LeMoss  Grants Pass
  Silver Paw

Hunterberry Hill Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003603-0215  Jennifer Rowland  Salem
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Tualatin River Labradoodles, LLC
ALAA Member # ALAA-003684-0415  Judy Albertson  Tualatin

McKenzie River Labrador Retrievers
ALAA Member # ALAA-004129-0316  Terrence Graves  Springfield

Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek
ALAA Member # ALAA-000047-0704  Vicki L. Tyson  Windsor

Australian Labradoodles of Delaware Valley
ALAA Member # ALAA-001281-1107  Diane Dolphin Rocker  Kemblesville

Australian Labradoodles of Slate Ridge
ALAA Member # ALAA-001396-0308  Jan Sunday  Delta

Wickersham Farm
ALAA Member # ALAA-002257-0611  Kimberly Knecht  Kennett Square
  Silver Paw

Spring Valley Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003107-0913  Michelle Stephens  Kennett Square
  Silver PawGolden Paw

IvyLane Labradoodles of Pennsylvania
ALAA Member # ALAA-004401-0916  Kristin and Stephen Bowers  Carlisle

Rhode Island
Ocean State Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000878-1006  Stefani Whiteman  North Smithfield
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Highland Beach Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002649-0812  Michael Birkenfeld  Warwick
  Silver PawGolden Paw

South Carolina
Carolina AussieDoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004140-0416  Victoria Runciman & Robert McMillan  Mount Pleasant

Australian Heritage Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003246-0314  Mandy Massengale  Chattanooga

Dixie's Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000058-0504  Dixie Moore  Georgetown
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Texas Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000910-1006  Mary Calkins  Dripping Springs

Austin Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002034-0311  Anita Main  Austin

Dallas Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002971-0613  Tara Harrison  Midlothian

Legendary Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003076-0913  Alaina Ugland  Plano
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Alamo Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003541-0715  Cayce Fagala  Fair Oaks Ranch

Royal Paws Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004555-1016  Belinda R Johnson  Houston

labradoodles by hazel
ALAA Member # ALAA-004753-1116    allen

EllsWORTH Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001604-0209  JoAn Ellsworth  Payson
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Green Mountain Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003193-0114  Alex McEwing  Essex Junction

Lumar Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003238-0314  Kristina Whitman  Suffolk
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000862-0906  Kim Kochman  Bellingham
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Olympic Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000366-0605  Shari O'Quinn  Gig Harbor

Seattle Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000452-0805  Jan Probus  Sammamish

Aspen Grove Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001447-0608  Marybeth and Paige Porter  Spokane
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Orchard View Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001517-0908  Kelly Lorton  Yakima

Hills West Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001790-0909  Tamara Marlin  Richland
  Silver Paw

North Country Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001948-0410  Gayle Husfloen  Elk
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Blue Star Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002598-0712  Carol A. Stover  Pasco
  Silver PawGolden Paw


High Country Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003124-1013  Mark and Wende Springer  Nine Mile Falls

Best Friends Forever Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003197-0114  Sarah Bailey  Coupeville
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Columbia Springs Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003542-0115  Janis Granger  Brush Prairie
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Brickhaven Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003564-1214  Jamie Brickner  Liberty Lake
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Schafer Meadows Austrailian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003614-0115  Denise Napier  Montesano

Bolingo Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004176-0216  Heidi Wellsandt  Richland
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Victoria Creek Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-004400-0816  Janet Nyberg and Daryl Garman  Stanwood
  Silver Paw

Midwest Labradoodle
ALAA Member # ALAA-001735-0709  Nicole Ehlert  Kenosha

Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002272-0711  Heather Clark  Osseo

CANADA    [back to top]

Coulee Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000848-0806  Paige Slezak  Coaldale

Prairie Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000086-1004  Gail Groeneveld  Blackie
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Puppy Love Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000776-0606  Darice Conrad  Cardston

Earth Angels Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000915-1006  Tammie Efraimson-Hiraga  Coalhurst
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Big Rock Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003046-0813  Alana Holst  Okotoks
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Wildflower Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003213-0114  Karen Hill  Calgary
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Bow Valley Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003338-0614  Christina Rowell  Onoway
  Silver Paw

Modern Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003771-0715  Trudy Callaghan  Edmonton

British Columbia
Alpine Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000891-1006  Brig Cadosch  Grand Forks
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Over The Moon Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000871-0906  Jean Byrnell  Grand Forks
  Silver Paw

Sun Valley Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001209-0907  Angela St.Onge  Mara

Chase Creek Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001830-1209  Nadine Briscoe  Chase

Misty Morning Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001969-0610  Jody Fastabend  Denman Island

Leapfrog Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002389-1011  Cheyene Dyer / Leapfrog Labradoodles  Roberts Creek
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Notch Hill Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003132-1013  Carol Eppel  Sorrento
  Silver Paw

Woofy World Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003522-1114  Hayley & Marcel Frigon  Kelowna
  Silver Paw

Vancouver Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003592-0115  Marie Seminerio Vecsey  North Vancouver
  Silver PawGolden Paw

VanIsle Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003604-0115  Claire and Renald Desrochers  Duncan
  Silver Paw

Sardis Park Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003837-0815  Tai Weatherhead  Chilliwack
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Nova Scotia
Breton Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003473-1114  Candy Ellison  Baddeck
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Dare to Dream Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-000772-0606  Rachael Reimer  Caledonia

Canadian Doodle Puppies
ALAA Member # ALAA-001088-0507  Linda Anglin  Ottawa

DragonRam Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-001721-0609  Roma Quapp  Ottawa

Ontario's Maple Grove Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-002023-1010  Linda Graham  St.Thomas
  Silver PawGolden Paw

ALAA Member # ALAA-002867-0413  Linda Waito  CAYUGA

ALAA Member # ALAA-003970-1115  Theresa Knott  Burlington
  Silver PawGolden Paw

Les Labradoodles Australiens du Québec
ALAA Member # ALAA-002365-1011  Conrad Fortin  Québec
  Silver Paw

Fabuleux Labradoodles Australiens du Fjord
ALAA Member # ALAA-003174-0314  Kathleen Dufour  La Baie
  Silver Paw

Paisley Lane Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003277-0614  Shawn & Erin Leclerc  Gatineau

Labradoodles of the North
ALAA Member # ALAA-003494-1114  Gina Anderson  Whitehorse
  Silver Paw

SWITZERLAND    [back to top]

Jollity's Australian Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003266-0314  Corinne Groth  Unterägeri
  Silver PawGolden Paw

ALAA Member # ALAA-004383-0716  Widmer Ursula  Beckenried
  Silver Paw

NETHERLANDS    [back to top]

Dutchess Doodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003574-0315  Miriam Seinstra  Valkenswaard
  Silver Paw

NORWAY    [back to top]

Arctic Labradoodles
ALAA Member # ALAA-003442-0516  Silje Brandvoll  Bodo