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Effective March 18, 2008, pet owners may only join the ALAA as Pet Members if their dog is spayed or neutered.  If your dog is still intact due to age, you are welcome to apply for membership once your dog has been spayed or neutered and a copy of the spay/neuter certificate provided with your application.  Pet owners with an intact dog that are intending to become breeders must register with the ALAA as a Breeder, completing the Breeder Member application and its requirements within 30 days.


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If you are joining the ALAA as a Pet Owner member and have been supplied a Transfer Code by the breeder, you can enter it here along with the name you wish to call your pet. The dog will be renamed and ownership will be transferred to you when your membership is activated.
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Your application for membership will be processed upon receipt of applicable fees. After processing you will receive a welcome e-mail with your ALAA membership number.  The ALAA reserves the right to refuse membership.